Audition Filming Services
  Professional Filming Services
We provide professional filming services with a full studio designed for the auditioning actor. From the backdrop to the camera to the audio, we are on top of filming a professional looking audition.
We provide what casting directors are asking for:
  • Solid 13' backdrop
  • Great Even Lighting
  • Great Clean Sound
  • Full Body Slates
  • Only $25.00 per 30mins
HWR Audition Filming Service provides you with an audition that looks like a moving headshot.

We Accept:

Professional Gear
We shoot all auditions in 1080p with full clear sound on a TASCAM DR-70D recorder. Voice Over audition, no problem. We have a broadcast quality mic and TASCAM DR-40 digital recorder that will make your auditions sound like you are in a production quality studio.
Gear we use:
  • NIKON D3200 DSLR /w Follow Focus
  • 18-140mm Lens
  • Dual Shotgun Mics
  • TASCAM DR-70D Digital recorder
  • Broadcast quality mic for VO
  • TASCAM DR-40 Recorder for VO
  • We edit your audition and wetransfer to you and your agent
HWR Audition Filming Service is skilled with the gear we use to make your audition the best.

  Great Auditions
We provide coaching and feedback so you can get a great audition. All of us are actors ourselves and we have studied with great instructors all over, from Los Angeles to Atlanta, we have training and on set experience we can pull from to help make your audition amazing.
Services included for free:
  • Coaching during session (We also provide 30 min coaching sessions for $25)
  • Feedback
  • Instant Review og your Audition
  • Editing
  • Getting the audition to you and your agent
HWR Audition Filming Service wants everyone to book their audition!

Located in Alpharetta, GA
2190 Brandon Trail #9,
Alpharetta, Ga 30004